Scott Johnson

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Name: Twinda Broadway
Email: Private
Date Posted: 2/20/2021 12:51:46 PM
Message: Angelia I never thought I’d have to do anything like this for a friend of mine. But, I guess in reality, if we are blessed to live long enough to become old, we will all go through this at one point in our life. I’m just extremely sad that you have this heartache happen to you and your family., yet I’m extremely happy that you had such a wonderful person in your life, to call your friend, husband and father to your children and grandfather to your beautiful grandkids. Those are memories you wouldn’t trade in for anything else in this world!! I know there isn’t anything I personally can say or do, to make this situation any better for y’all, but I do feel better knowing y’all believe and trust in Jesus and God's power to lean on them. Bc we both know and fully understand, that nothing else in this world matters, except that we are saved and tried to live our lives as Godly as we could understand it. Bc God knows our hearts, no matter what and each relationship is unique with Him. I love you, as my sister in Christ, and as my friend, Angelia. Stay strong and lean on Jesus, He is here for you, always!! 🙏🏼💕

Email: Private
Date Posted: 2/20/2021 3:45:15 PM
Message: My memories of Scott. Whenever we got together we always tried to have fun. Whether we went fishing, boat rides, riding into town, duck hunting or take Grandpa's tractor for a ride on the farm. A lot of fun memories were had with Scott. Go rest high on that mountain.

Name: DeAnna Ray
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/20/2021 6:20:05 PM
Message: Prayers lifted up for the family.

Name: Terry and JoLynn Lyons
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/21/2021 12:11:15 AM
Message: Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Name: john k yount
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/21/2021 5:54:52 PM
Message: We had a lot of fun growing up lots memories i never forget my thoughts go out to family john yount

Name: Teresa Squires Harrington
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/21/2021 8:53:23 PM
Message: Angelia, living you, the girls, grand babies and family in prayer for comfort, peace and healing. It has been a journey for all of you. I know Scott loved you and lives on through each and every one of the girls. Love you and keeping you close to the heart, Teresa

Name: Kevin Nobles
Email: Private
Date Posted: 2/22/2021 2:16:51 AM
Message: I can't believe my old friend is gone. My mind is filled with 50 years of memories and my heart if filled with sorrow and pain but also joy because I know exactly where he is and the peace and joy that he is experiencing now. We spent so much time together when we were younger amd after we got older and did our own things we always stayed as close as brothers in our hearts. I'm gonna miss you my friend but I'll see you again!

Name: Deb Davis
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/22/2021 4:32:41 PM
Message: Angelia, My heart breaks for you and the girls. Scott was a blessing for all of you and everyone that was lucky enough to know him. Prayers for you as you go forward each day with loving memories of Scott. I love you all

Name: Danny Steele
Email: Private
Date Posted: 2/23/2021 5:08:02 AM
Message: Charles, It was with great sorrow that we heard of Scott's passing. We wish you the Peace and Loving Grace of the Lord during your time of mourning. Danny Steele, Linda Steele, Kelly Chandler.

Name: Joshua Goldman
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 2/23/2021 1:30:01 PM
Message: Scott will be missed by many. We sure will miss him greatly here at Producers Rice Mill.


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